Project management

Goal-oriented control from the idea to result.

Cooperating to reach the goal

In addition to our GIS consultants and team of developers, the project manager accompanies all of our projects from the initial conception, through the overall implementation to the successful completion.

In terms of the overall picture, this therefore ensures the implementation of the defined requirements in terms of content as well as the adherence to the time and financial specifications.

Our mission

Our project management combines state-of-the-art methods with tried and tested techniques amassed from our day-to-day project work. 

We attach great importance to clearly defined tasks and responsibilities, as well as open communication within the project team and with the client. Our guideline is simple: "As much project management as needed, not as much as possible".

Working dynamically

In a rapidly developing industry that has an adundance of innovations, we strive to tap into the creative dynamism generated within an independently working team.

In all of our project management work, we utilise a customised Kanban methodology. Our project teams are led using a co-leadership model: a technical as well as an organizational project manager. They work together effectively according to the system of "check and balance".