Maintenance & Support

Keeping all systems up to date.

Maintenance & support

To ensure the long lasting operation and smooth running of complex geodata systems, competent software maintenance and servicing is indispensable.

As a rule, we generally enter into maintenance contracts using supplementary terms and conditions for information technology maintenance contracts [EVB-IT Pflege].

Our services

  • Maintenance and support for Mapbender and Metador software components.
  • Maintenance and support of the open source software used in your system: PostgreSQL and PostGIS, MapServer, MapProxy.
  • Hosting the system on Linux servers, which are provided by us, as well as full maintenance of the entire system including operating system, Apache web server, PHP and other open source software used.

Support contracts

In addition to maintaining your running systems, our support offers flexible billing for all services related to your software solution - for example, assistance with the application, configuration, and data migration, as well as any other minor development work.

Regardless of whether it is first, second, or third-level support, we will find the right solution for your individual needs.