Open source

It is all a question of perspective.

We live open source

We have been working with professional, tried and tested open source software since our inception. For practical reasons, we use the terms "free software" and "open source software" interchangeably, ven if this is not quite correct according to standard scientific nomenclature.

According to our understanding, free or open source software simply means the freedom of the user to use, copy, redistribute, study, modify and improve the software. Moreover, open source software has a number of extremely positive "secondary effects" for us as well as our clients.

Successful open source projects have long been the backbone of the majority of Internet applications, not only in the field of geographical data. Examples are the Apache web server, Linux operating systems or the PostgreSQL database.

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Open and transparent

As a clients you will have full control over the source code of your software. You are always in a position to carry out independent checks of the the quality, security and licensing risks pertaining to the software. With most open source licensing models, you are free to use the software for any purpose, adapt it as you wish and duplicate it. Of course, it goes without saying that you are not bound to a single supplier in the long term - you remain loyal to us because you are convinced by our level of quality.


A high percentage of the products that we use are developed and maintained by a large globally active community of developers. Such a broad foundation facilitates peer reviews and constant code refactoring to create software that boasts both a high level of security and stability. Due to the high level of distribution of such products, it is easier to find personnel and service providers than with comparable closed-source software.

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Open source products are usually available free of charge. Costs are only generally incurred for the implementation, adaptation and, if applicable, operation or maintenance. In the case of products that we have developed, further developments often flow back into the standard product. By placing your order, you prioritize the further development in your interest and, at the same time, profit from the further developments commissioned by other clients.