About us

This is who we are.

Geo-IT using open source software

WhereGroup is one of the largest open source software houses in the GEO-IT sector in Germany. We manage a plethora of complex GIS projects of various kinds. As a medium-sized company with around 50 employees at three locations,
we may be innovative, but we have never lost our down-to-earth attitude.

What we believe in

Geodata forms the basis of all our work - visualized using digital maps, they offer our clients valuable information for numerous areas of work or even form the foundation for work processes.

The implementation of successful projects for our clients and the growth of our company can only be accomplished as a team. Therefore, it is important for us to make sure that everyone forges ahead together to reach the same goals.


Founded in 2007 in Bonn as a result of a merger between CCGIS GbR (founded in 1998), KARTA.GO GmbH (founded in 2002) & Geo-Consortium (founded in 2004), WhereGroup has positioned itself as a service provider in the open source geoinformatics sector for over a decade now.

Since 2016, WhereGroup has grown to become the medium-sized company you know today. This was due to the acquisition of MapMedia GmbH and the geo division of the in media res GmbH.


In addition to the headquarters in Bonn, WhereGroup has two branches in Berlin and Freiburg.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our branches.