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Mapbender is a professional open source software solution for the creation of map-based web-applications.

The high-performance software can be used both on the desktop and mobile. The modern design, high level user-friendliness and flexibility make Mapbender an interesting option for carrying out work in public administration as well as specific application in large companies.

Mapbender is an official project from OSGeo .

Mapbender: Rich in features

Mapbender offers a variety of modules that can be freely combined using web-based administration.

  • Multi-user capability
  • Edit geo & factual data
  • Print output with configurable templates
  • Function-rich layer tree
  • Extensive and high-performance search capabilities
  • Mobile application with GPS positioning
  • Compatibility with current geo databases
  • Supports worldwide coordinate systems
  • Modular expandability for professional use

Mapbender: Cost-effective and compatible

The open source software is based on the MIT license. It is used in combination with commonly-used database systems and is available for various operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS) and cloud environments.

Mapbender enables you to create your own map applications with just a few clicks, without writing a single line of code. The modular structure facilitates the easy adaptation of the software functionality to meet individual requirements. Additional functions can be provided by adding other modules.

Mapbender: Open and transparent

Mapbender is constantly being developed by a strong community and the source code has been made available  to the general public on Github.

Regular upgrades and patches make the software reliable and future-proof.

The Mapbender gallery offers an overview of the various applications within the community.

See for yourself

A demo application as well as detailed documentation and downloads can be found on the Mapbender website.

Mapbender Demo


Do you need support?

We set up Mapbender on your operating system (Linux, Windows or macOS), adapt the software to your professional applications and program special functionality on demand. We are happy to train your employees in-house or as part of the training courses.

Do you require special functionality? We can also program these to your exact specifications.

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