OSM Control Tool

Don't miss a thing in OSM.


Do not Miss Any Changes

With the OpenStreetMap Control Tool, changes in the dataset can be observed in the selected map sections of the OpenStreetMap world map.

The regions, where monitoring can occur, can be defined individually. Any changes to the data in these regions will send a notification via email.

Flexible in Every Web Browser

OSMCT is a web browser application: 

Using a web browser, monitoring areas can be captured, managed and visualized.

Different filters can be used to determine which changes in the OSM dataset you want to be informed about. The active observation can be paused at any time if desired.


OSMCT for Companies

Professional users, who use OSM maps on a web page or within an app, need information about what changes have been made in the selected areas. They also need to avoid maps that are displayed in their own applications, which are not useful or can even be harmful to business purposes.

Companies that work with OSM data on their own server can use OSMCT to be informed about changes to help them decide when it makes sense to re-import the data.

OSMCT for Mappers

Most mappers work a lot with defined regions. Within these regions, they can ensure that there are no incorrect entries in the OSM datasets.

With the OSMCT you can automatically monitor the areas and ensure the integrity of the data.


OSMCT for Everyone

Any interested web user can use OSMCT to monitor their home or any environment, and be notified of any changes in OSM data. Therefore, they are always informed about transformations of their habitat.

This can be based on existing OSM data, new roads or new shops and their new mailboxes or changed opening and closing times.

See for yourself

Get an initial overview of the OSM Control Tool in the online demo version. Please note that only selected functions are included in the demo version.

If you are interested in a permanent use of the tool, please contact us. On request, we are happy to set up a temporary demo account for you, in which you can thoroughly test all functions.

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